XNA for latest Visual Studio 2013 / 2015 !

Stop press!!!

I am very excited to say I’ve just found this on Google:


This web site above is carrying a package to install XNA in latest Visual Studio versions! (2013 and 2015). ;-)

Only thing you may need to in final step of install is described here:


XNA Framework is still great for writing Windows-based games!

I still enjoy the ease of the developing games with Microsoft’s XNA Framework because of it’s simplicity and suitability for making simple games.

The XNA Framework hasn’t been updated in recent times, but it is still possible to use on Windows 8.1 (and I assume Windows 10), although I did run into a small problem installing it for which you may need the workaround linked below.

Here are the tools you need:

Workaround thanks to: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/astebner/archive/2012/02/29/10274694.aspx

Install Visual Studio first, choosing Visual C# 2010 Express. Then install Game Studio – if the install of Game Studio fails, then install “Games for Windows – LIVE Redistributable” (in the workaround link above), then try Game Studio again.

Once installed you can make a new XNA Game project in Visual Studio.
> If it complains about HiDef profile, then right click on project and choose Properties, then in XNA Game Studio settings change game profile to Reach.
> This express edition has no graphics editor. You can make your sprites in Microsoft Paint, Gimp or other program, save as .png file. Then in XNA right click the Content project and Add Existing Item then select your .png.

Get to that first base and I will post some new game coding samples here soon… :-)


A blast from the past, Argon!

A blast from the past, Argon! The addictive computer game with cool music!

Download the game with DOSBox (works on todays machines): Argon download link

(See http://www.dosbox.com/ for more information about DOSBox).

Once unzipped click the file ‘arg.bat’ to run.

Read reviews of Argon here:



Have Fun!


I was recently looking at grails http://grails.org/ (Groovy on Rails) for a possible project. It is another choice for web application development framework. Working through the tutorial it did seem to be very powerful. It runs using Java and Tomcat as application container. One consideration is that obtaining hosting for such an application is not as easy as with LAMP.